When is Sleep Out?


Can I just turn up and sleep?
No. This is a fundraising event and we want to raise as much money as possible. Sleepers must be registered in advance. The minimum fundraising target to take part is different for each Sleep Out event, whether you're part of a team or an individual. There is normally a registration fee, once registered, you can kick off your fundraising by setting up your online fundraising page on JustGiving. Please ensure you select your local EYH charity when setting up your page.

What about Gift Aid?
For every £1 donated by a taxpayer, Sleep out partners will be able to claim back 25p on the rate of basic tax. Wherever possible please encourage your supporters to tick the Gift Aid box on Just Giving. Please note that Gift Aid does not count towards your fundraising target.

Will I be safe?
The purpose of this event is to raise money for and show solidarity with homeless young people. We are not attempting to match the sense of danger, hopelessness and hunger, which afflicts many homeless young people. Sleep Out charities will be providing plenty of boxes for you to sleep on. You will also be sleeping in a secure area and we will have security guards or staff to protect you and your belongings. There will be a canopy overhead, so you will be protected from the elements too. Despite this, please be sensible. Try to avoid wearing expensive clothing or bringing delicate technology or unnecessary valuables, and be sure to wrap up warm. Oh... don't forget your sleeping bag!

Can I volunteer to help on the night?
Some of the Sleep Out charities rely on volunteers to staff the event. Contact them directly to enquire.

How can I help promote Sleep out?
It's easy! If your Sleep Out charity is on Facebook and Twitter, like and follow them. Share posts, repost stories, tag them and get your friends involved. Please contact your local charity for posters and other promotional material to help you promote the event at you workplace.

What are the Terms & Conditions and the Code of Conduct?
To take part in Sleep Out, you MUST agree to the events Terms & Conditions* and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

*The Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct featured here are valid for Centrepoint’s Sleep Out events.  Specific Terms & Conditions and Code of Conducts are included within the registration process for each event. Should you require this information prior to registration please contact your local charity directly.